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A small site on the Georgia lottery covering previous results, the previous Georgia State lottery winning numbers, Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers, and information on some of the people who are actual winners.

Since 1993, GLC has been changing people's lives for ever. The Georgia State Lottery offers a variety of games to win even millions of dollars. The Mega Millions game is Georgia's biggest lottery. Players have two chances to win, with weekly drawings. Georgia Lottery Lotto South Game gives players the chance to win millions with its weekly drawings. Match 5 numbers in the Fantasy 5 Lottery and you will be a winner. Fantasy 5 drawings are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Turn your spare change into big money by playing the Change Game. Drawings are held daily and winnings are based on the amount wagered and quantity of matches. The Cash 3 and Cash 4 games give Georgia Lottery players a chance to win twice daily, with midday and evening drawings.

You could check some previous results, among with the latest drawings in Georgia Lottery Results and Winning Numbers. The Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers are the most wanted because the Georgia Mega Millions game has one of the biggest jackpots in lottery games. Check Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers here and also, some tips about how to play it.

Mega Millions lottery tickets
Georgia State Lottery

The original weekly jackpot game, Lotto Georgia, later merged with two other states to become Lotto South. Like Florida, Georgia also has a once-daily game (Fantasy 5). There is also the twice-daily, once on Sunday (Cash 3 and Cash 4) games. It also participates in the multi-state Mega Millions lottery, and has numerous scratch-and-win instant games which change frequently. In February 2006, Lotto South ended; its replacement is Win for Life; it does not have a cash option except in Virginia. In the mid-1990s, Georgia had offered Powerball, but switched to the Big Game (now Mega Millions) when it began in 1996. As a result, Georgia is not eligible to offer any of Powerball's companion multi-state games, such as Hot Lotto. Wikipedia

Mega Millions lottery tickets
Georgia Lottery

Georgia Lottery ResultsLottery Results - Check here the latest Georgia Lottery results and past results, also additional information about Georgia Lottery, including links to more previous results and winning numbers.

Georgia Lottery Winning NumbersWinning Numbers - Georgia Lottery winning numbers can be found here. Results of the State of Georgia Lottery Corp. Latest and past winning numbers on the different Georgia Lottery games.

Georgia Mega MillionsMega Millions - Information about the Georgia Mega Millions game, one of the most wanted Georgia Lottery games, how to play it, how could you win, and some links about Georgia Lottery Corp.

Georgia Mega Millions Winning NumbersLucky Mega Millions No.'s - Check the Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers, the latest and previous results, among with more information about how to play and get your prize. Also link with previous results.

Georgia Lottery WinnersLottery Winners - We have gathered here some of Georgia Lottery winners, they won in the different games Georgia Lottery Corp. has, including the Georgia Mega Millions.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Georgia Lottery - Official site of the State of Georgia's Lottery Corporation (GLC) with the latest and past Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers, including the Georgia Mega Millions game. Check also the latest Georgia Lottery winners.

Wikipedia - Additional information about the State of Georgia's Lottery Corporation (GLC).

Lotto Strategies - Search for Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers, results of the last 30 days of the State of Georgia Lottery Corp. Also some services and information about lottery, including Lotto analysis.

The Big Payout - More about the State of Georgia Lottery Corporation, the different games and how to play

A significant portion of the proceeds generated by the Georgia Lottery go to fund state education programs. Some of the programs positively affected by the GLC include HOPE Scholarships, Pre-Kindergarten Programs as well as technology grants to further teacher education and improve school resources. The GLC has done its job to make sure that everyone is a winner. The Big Payout.

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Georgia Lottery Winner

Check Georgia State Lottery winners among with the latest winning numbers and previous results on the Georgia Lottery Corp site, also more information about other Georgia State Lottery games.

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